ECEBC Leadership Initiative — Background

Our work on the Leadership Initiative began in 2007 when we entered into a partnership with Vancity Community Foundation. With funds the Foundation received from BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, we agreed to work with VanCity to develop a ‘Professional Development’ Program.

From the start, we wanted to make sure that the funds were used to make a unique and creative contribution to ‘professional development’. And, we wanted to make sure that our work would leave a legacy for Early Childhood Educators for years to come.

So, after a year of listening, reflecting and learning from and with others – we agreed that it was time to focus on ‘leadership’. We heard that, as important as the leadership we demonstrate in our practice with children and staff is, our field is ready to create the collective leadership we need to take a strong and confident message about our professional value and worth to the broader community.

For more information about this initiative, download the ECEBC Launch Announcement.

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