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Follow us on FacebookECEBC, with funding from Vancity Community Foundation, sought proposals from Early Childhood Educators across BC who are interested in playing a leading role in helping their communities become one of ECEBC’s 2011/12 ‘Communities of Leadership Innovation’.

ECEBC is entering the third year of our exciting Leadership Initiative. The initiative is designed to support ECEs across BC develop their capacity to take a leadership role in the broader community. ECEBC and the Leadership Initiative Advisory Committee selected the 2011/12 Communities of Leadership Innovation based on the following criteria:

  1. Diverse geographic and cultural communities are involved.
  2. The Project builds the leadership capacity of ECEs to raise the profile of their work and value.
  3. Two or three licensed-to-practice ECEs are actively involved in the development of the proposal, are able to attend all three Leadership Institutes and understand they will play a leadership role in implementing the project.
  4. The sponsoring society is a non-profit society AND holds charitable tax status.

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A few photos from the June 2011 Leadership Institute (all photos by Shawn Nygren)

Early Childhood Educators Matter to BC’s economy - Media Release

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