Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning

Solving the Affordability Crisis in Child Care:
Financing the $10 a Day Plan from CCPA-BC, Iglika Ivanova

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About the $10 A Day Plan

In 2010, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Early Childhood Educators of BC released a draft plan for an Integrated System of Early Care and Learning in BC. The draft responded to BC’s implementation of full school day Kindergarten for 5 year olds and the deepening child care crisis facing BC families.

For over 6 months, thousands of British Columbians engaged in a dialogue about our draft plan. This dialogue helped shape and inform our finalized Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning.

The Plan, released in April 2011, offers a concrete, innovative and ambitious way forward and provides a framework for significant and lasting change.

Since its release, the Plan has been enthusiastically endorsed and supported by a growing number of individuals and organizations. These voices are calling on government to adopt and implement the Plan so that children, families, communities and our economy are served by a high quality, universal, democratic and accountable system of early care and learning.

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Why We Urge Child Care Providers to Opt In to the New Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative:
A Joint Statement by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and Early Childhood Educators of BC March 8, 2018. Download the statement HERE.


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BC Budget 2018: First Steps on $10aDay Child Care
Fee Subsidies Are Not the Answer


Fact Sheet 1: For BC Parents
What the Plan means for families
November 2011
Download in English / Chinese / Filipino / Punjabi / Spanish / Vietnamese


Fact Sheet 2: It Makes Good Dollars & Sense

Economic Rationale For Public Investment
December 2011


Fact Sheet 3: By The Numbers

BC Children, Families and Child Care
December 2011


Fact Sheet 4: $10 A Day Child Care

A Key to Ending Child Poverty
February 2017


Fact Sheet 5: $10 A Day Child Care: Good for BC Business

January 2014


Fact Sheet 6: How the $10aDay Plan Supports Early Childhood Educators

February 2017


Media Release November 9, 2018

Universal Child Care Prototype Sites Announcement

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Media Release September 5, 2018

Investment in Early Childhood Educators: Important to a quality child care system.

“It is a great day when we see the important work of early childhood educators brought to the forefront. Through the provision of significant funding for educator training, and addressing the wages in our sector, we are on our way to building a strong, healthy professional workforce, one that is highly skilled and fairly paid. Our children deserve the very best and our early childhood educators do as well.”
Charlene Gray, Chairperson ECEBC

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Investing in our Early Childhood Educators Early Care and Learning Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Dear ECEBC Members,
Many activities and announcements have been made since Government has started to implement Childcare BC. Since this time ECEBC has been informing government of the immense feedback you have been sending us. As well, we have also been actively addressing other concerns, questions and ideas that have come forward.
ECEBC has prepared a briefing note addressing the concerns we have found in response to the BC Child Care Owners Association, Six steps to immediately resolve the concerns inherent in the BC NDP 2018/2019 child care plan.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].



Here are the materials from the $10aDayChildCare Plan key to reducing poverty webinar. 
The speakers have kindly allowed us to share their presentations.

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Download the presentations here and here

March 1- 8, 2017
Week of Action for Child care

The first week of March will be very important in raising awareness about the crisis in child care and for bringing attention to the solution – the $10aDay Child Care Plan. We are asking you to think about how you can engage with colleagues, parents and the public in conversation and education about the $10aDay Plan during this week.  

A tool kit has been developed to support you in the week of action that includes:

Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of the $10aDayChild Care Plan for British Columbia 

New Economic Study Highlights Net Benefits of Proposed $10aDay Child Care Plan
for Governments and Employers, even in the Short Term.

Renowned private-sector economist Robert Fairholm led this in-depth analysis of the economic effects of implementing the $10aDay Plan — confirming that it will generate sufficient government revenues to pay for
the government spending required to build and operate the system.

“Full implementation of the $10aDay Plan will have a significant and positive impact on GDP and create 69,100 jobs, even in the short term” states Fairholm.

The study shows that solving the current child care crisis is much more than simply an affordable option for governments — the $10aDay Child Care Plan will provide higher economic returns to BC than other government investments.

The report and related documents are available below in PDF format.
Economic Impact Report
Executive Summary
Media Release - January 17, 2017

As a registered charity, ECEBC is wholly non-partisan and does not support or oppose any particular political party or candidate for office. ECEBC does engage in a limited amount of permitted non-partisan advocacy which is directly connected to its charitable public education work.

Community Plan For A Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning ($10 A Day Child Care Plan)

In 2011, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Early Childhood Educators of BC released their jointly developed "Community Plan For A Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning" - now commonly known as the $10 A Day Child Care Plan. 

Both organizations advance the Plan in ways that are consistent with their respective mandates and applicable regulatory requirements. Both organizations individually and jointly provide public education about the Plan. In addition, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates advances the Plan through their advocacy campaign, and at

The $10aDay Child Care Campaign and website are owned and managed by the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and may not reflect the views of ECEBC.

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