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“Best Choices: The Ethical Journey”
A project of the Canadian Child Care Federation and ECEBC

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Why is Ethics training important?
Professionals in the Early Care & Learning sector work with one of the most vulnerable groups in society – young children. The quality of the interactions between young children and their caregivers has a significant, enduring impact on children’s lives. The intimacy of the relationship and the potential that exists to do harm call for a commitment on the part of early childhood educators to the highest standards of ethical practice.

While individual children are the focus of the work done by early childhood educators, ethical practice extends beyond the child-educator relationship. Professionals in the Early Care & Learning sector care for and educate young children while recognizing and supporting the nurturing and socializing responsibilities of the children’s families. Early Care & Learning professionals accept their ethical obligations to the children and families they serve as both represent our society’s future.

About the 'Best Choices: The Ethical Journey' Training Series
ECEBC recognizes its responsibility to promote ethical practices and attitudes on the part of Early Care & Learning professionals. This four-part series guides participants on a journey of ethical discovery and awareness. Participants will have the opportunity to explore personal values, beliefs and assumptions, and examine the complexities in ethical decision making.

Module One guides participants through an exploration of their personal beliefs, values and ethics. Participants will examine what an ethical dilemma is using these systems as a point of reference. This module is a prerequisite for the remaining ethics training modules in this series. This Module is three hours of pro-d hours.

Module Two guides participants on the purpose, structure and benefits of a professional code of ethics. Following the eight principles identified in ECEBC’s Code of Ethics, participants will experience and understand how a code of ethics can guide practice. This Module is three hours of pro-d hours.

Module Three guides participants in the examination of making an ethical decision. This examination prepares participants for the complexities in making “best choice” decisions, and the recognition that many best choices may exist. Participants will look into personal commitments to ethical decision making in practice. This Module is three hours of pro-d hours.

Module Four works with participants in understanding how personal values, beliefs and ethics can support but also challenge ethical decision making. Participants will also identify potential inhibitors to making these decisions. Through examination of the six E’s to ethical commitment, participants will be able to renew their commitment of “best choice” decision making in practice. This Module is three hours of pro-d hours.

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